Spray the peroxide

3% solution.
Successful substitution has long been known antiseptic in solution.
The advantages of USING SPRAY:

1. Ease of use – just hit the bottle on top

2. Accurate dosing - direct spray on affected area

3.Economical consumption compared with solution - 1 bottle of spray is enough more than 300 uses



in the Combination of modern technology and traditional medicine.

 knowledge about the benefits of therapeutic patches are drawn more from the ancient East."PATCH” means “OINTMENT", and the era of its inception about 3000 years. It all started with the fact that people were prepared slurry of medicinal plants, applied to the affected area and covered with animal skin. But it was not very convenient, because the slurry is flowed, and the nutrients disappear. Today, medical plasters have  a framework that contributes to the opening of the pores and deeper penetration of medicinal substances. This specific treatment method is considered to be physiological for our body.  Not many people know that the Pepper patch, in addition to the extract of stinging pepper, comes with many different herbs'wooden components that have a beneficial effect on the human body.  for Example - extract of belladonna thick, tincture of Arnica, lanolin, pine rosin.  Extract  Pepper has a warming, locally-irritating and distracting effect. The extract of belladonna has antispasmodic and analgesic effect. And even fewer people who know how to properly apply this patch. It would seem that there is nothing easier - taped and all.  But actually there are two ways of applying the pepper patch. The first adhesion patch solid sheet.  Superimposed elementary - on the most painful places. The second is the use of pepper patch in small pieces. In this case it is superimposed on the biologically active points.  Capsicum plaster is used to treat pain in m'muscle aches, arthritis, radiculitis, colds. In most  cases, the use of pepper patch is justified for different types of sciatica and degenerative disc disease. To facilitate  pain in these diseases, the most appropriate would be the second way to use a pepper patch. With cervical osteochondrosis pieces of tape glued between the seventh cervical (he appears in the form of a hump, if you tilt your head forward) and the first thoracic vertebrae, and pressure points of the neck and shoulders. Thoracic radiculitis at this point and weak points of the back, under the shoulder blade area. When lumbar radiculitis, must be glued between the second and third, and fourth, and n'ninth lumbar vertebrae. Capsicum plaster is struggling with such  back pain, which have not only acute but also chronic manifestations. With all this bouquet of 100% effectiveness of the patch is in the treatment of colds.  For the treatment of such popular symptoms such as cough patch is mezhdunarodnoi area. Option using the patch classically not suitable, since in this case the patch will not be fully secured. So you need to cut it so that it could be positioned at key pressure points. In this case the patch is not removed to improve health,  two days later, you can freshen up carpet, if no burning. No matter what ailment You are planning to use this patch, you should adhere to certain rules, such as:


 - capsicum plaster is not a panacea that would eliminate the need to use and other, more traditional methods of treatment;

 - capsicum plaster is applied to the skin lesions, birthmarks, moles and mucous integument;

- the patch is not applied for the treatment of those persons who had intolerance to similar funds, it also includes an increased itching and redness;

to wear the patch for two days but cannot be used on those parts of the body that have heightened sensitivity at the expense of individual characteristics or local regulations;

- for removing the patch from the body with minimal pain and it is necessary to grease the top with oil and after a few minutes to begin the removal.

- this tool is prohibited to be used in vascular lesions and varicose veins;

- uniqueness and availability of funds also supported the minimum uncomfortable feeling during wearing the patch. The fact is that after gluing the patch can safely go about their business without fear that it will come unstuck or even any way to constrain movement.

in any case, before the use of pepper patch, you must first clean the skin with alcohol or Cologne, and then wipe dry. Thus, the skin is degreased and prevents the penetration of active substances.  Unlike many other treatments, the patch has the advantages of: a pronounced therapeutic effect,  prolonged action (usually about 12 - 24 hours), ease of use, does not stain clothes. Currently, a highly efficient therapeutic patches developed the whole series that you want to apply the "symptomatic", like any other drug.