Adult adhesive eye pads

Adhesive sterile eye pad on hypoallergenic base. Used for post-operative eye care, crossed eyes.

Sterile absorbent pad protects the eyes from mechanical impact and light. Non-woven material ensures a secure fit.










Adhesive sterile eye pad H Dr.House" №10


 Barcode  5060384392417
 Morion id  296558
 UCCFEA  3005.10.00.00
 Registration Certificate No.  13168/2013
 Registration Certificate date  09.10.13
 Manufacturer  Jiangsu






Overall dimensions

 Pieces per package/box  10/80
Individual container
 Weight, gr.  40
 Length, mm.  20
 Height, mm.  160
 Width, mm.  100
Gluing Collation pack type
 Weight, gr.  486
 Length, mm.  105
 Height, mm.  125
 Width, mm.  285
Box Collation pack type
 Weight, gr.  4,3
 Length, mm.  305
  Height, mm.  270
 Width, mm.  435